The TDC 68th Annual Competition

The TDC 68th Annual Competition

報名時間: 2021-09-21 ~ 2022-01-26

主辦單位: Type Directors Club

主辦單位電話: +1-917-509-2291


The Type Directors Club, the world’s leading typography organization and part of The One Club for Creativity, has opened the call for entriesand announced juries for its two premiere global awards programs: TDC68 Communication Design and expanded 25TDC Typeface Design competitions.

The TDC 68th Annual Competition

This year’s awards competitions reflect TDC’s ongoing commitment to increase the level of diversity and representation in its juries, awards entries and general programming, as well as among TDC membership and on its Advisory Board. The deadline to enter is December 17 and the final extended deadline with late fees is January 21.

Full juriesfor both competitions are as follows:

TDC68 Communications Design

Co-Chair: Manija Emran, co-founder/creative director, Me and the Bootmaker, Los Angeles

Co-chair: Joe Newton, partner, Anderson Newton Design, New York

  • Antonio Alcalá, owner, designer, Studio A, Alexandria (US)
  • Philippe Apeloig, creative director, Apeloig, Paris
  • Anıl Aykan, editorial design, Barnbrook, London
  • Götz Grämlich, founder, dipl. designer, gggrafik design, Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Eva Kellenberger, cofounder, Kellenberger-White, London
  • Frith Kerr, graphic designer, founder, Studio Frith, London
  • Hassan Rahim, owner, art director, 12:01 AM, New York
  • Mehdi Saeedi, graphic designer, visual artist, Mehdi Saeedi Studio, Philadelphia
  • Osmond Tshuma, cofounder, creative director, Mam’gobozi Design Factory, Johannesburg
  • Emma Thomas, cofounder, director, A Practice for Everyday Life, London
  • Kelly Walters, founder, creative director, Bright Polka Dot; educator, Parsons School of Design, New York

A highlight for this year is the expanded 25TDC Typeface Design competition, which for the first time includes dedicated categories and expert judges for Arabic, Indic, and Chinese/Japanese/Korean. The competition has always accepted entries for those scripts; this expansion of dedicated categories and judges was prompted by the increased number of entries for these scripts in recent years.

Each of the script categories has three dedicated expert jury members, increasing the total number of 25TDC jurors from six to 14. This represents the typeface design competition’s largest awards jury expansion in its 25-year history, a reflection of TDC’s mission to recognize and support the diverse global type design community.

Also new this year, TDC68 Communications Design includes a newDesign for Social Goodcategory, in recognition of the important role that design plays in furthering social causes. An exciting change to TDC student entries will be announced shortly.

TDC68 and 25TDC winners receive a Certificate of Typographic Excellence and digital tag certifying their work is among the world’s best of the year. Winning work will be featured in the highly respected TDC Annual, The World’s Best Typography®, and showcased in eight exhibitions that travels to museums, schools and design organizations around the world. In the student categories, three students for TDC68 and one for 25TDC will win monetary awards.

The TDC 68th Annual Competition

TDC68/25TDC branding by Tereza Bettinardi

This year’s call for entries is supported by a striking branding campaign designed by TDC member Tereza Bettinardi,based in São Paulo, which creatively explores the “counterspaces” or inner parts of letters.

“The design process started with one question: what if we expand the inner shapes of the letters to create new forms?” she said. “As these small shapes expand and are used to create entirely new forms, at some point we end up also setting new rules to this infinite game.”

Bettinardi also brought warmth to the design system by using vibrant colors and gradients — a way to share a bit of her landscape — inspired by vernacular lettering and signs.

“Living and working in Brazil, much of my practice was coined in dealing with restrictions, such as how to find drops of wonder even in the driest places,” she explained. “In this sense, you need to pay a lot of attention because every minor gesture counts. My team and I hope this campaign can ignite a conversation with the TDC community to keep expanding into and embracing more diverse perspectives.”

Typefaces for the campaign are Proxy byCommercial Typeand ABC Laica byDinamo, both of which were generously donated by the foundries.

Bettinardi was a two-time winner in last year’s TDC67 competition, receiving certificates forAs Mulheres Contamon behalf of Carambaia in Books/Single, andCursos E Oficinasfor Sesc 24 de Maio in Miscellaneous/Campaigns. She was also a featured speaker at TDC’s recent Type Drives Communitiesconference, where she talked about her pandemic book club project Clube do Livro do Design.

TDC is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary as a professional design organization, and its second year as part of The One Club for Creativity, the world’s foremost nonprofit whose mission is to support the global creative community.

TDC68, the Type Directors Club 68th annual international competition

TDC68, the Type Directors Club 68th annual international competition, recognizes typographic excellence and innovation, while maintaining its ongoing commitment to the art and craft of typography and design.

This commitment continues with 25TDC, the 25th TDC Typeface Design Competition, which recognizes the most relevant in new typeface designs.

Please Note:Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not accepting any physical submissions this year. All submissions will be digital.


  • There is no winning tier structure of gold, silver and bronze – all the best work is awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence.
  • Each specialized jury has been selected and composed of the top creatives and designers from across the world to judge all submitted entries.
  • During the judging process, the jury will base their decision on usage of the letterform and in typeface design, the best letterform design.


New for 2022 the TDC Student Competition is now a part of the One Club’s Young Ones Competition. Please visit the Young Onessite for more information.


  • Early Bird Deadline:October 29
  • Regular Deadline:December 17*
  • Late Deadline:January 21January 26*

*late fees apply for all entries entered after December 17



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