The Yeovil Literary Prize 2018

 總獎金: 3400(GBP)

最高獎金: 500(GBP)

活動時間: 即日起 ~ 2018-05-31

Yeovil Literary Prize

2018 Competition Open 1 Jan 2018 to 31 May 2018

Organised by the Yeovil Community Arts Association, this is your opportunity to enter four very different categories of writing. Aspiring writers throughout the world should enter this prestigious writing competition.

  • All genres are welcome.
  • Agents and Publishers regularly search our winner lists for new talent.
  • See what happened to previous entrants after being placed in the Yeovil Literary Prize! Click on the SUCCESSES tab.
Category 1Novel
Requirement:Synopsis and Opening Chapters (combined maximum 15,000 words)
Professional Judge:Annie Barrows is an American author of books for both children and adults. A highly respected novelist.
Prizes:1st £1000   2nd £250   3rd £100
Entry Fee:£12
Category 2Short Story
Requirement:Maximum 2,000 words
Professional Judge:Victoria Hislop is a writer who lives in England and Greece. She is respected for her novels and short stories, attracting a huge readership.
Prizes:1st £500   2nd £200   3rd £100
Entry Fee:£7
Category 3Poetry
Requirement:Maximum of 40 Lines
Professional Judge:Katie Donovan, renowned Irish poet. Winner of many awards.
Prizes:1st £500   2nd £200   3rd £100
Entry Fee:£7 one poem; £10 for two; £12 for three
Category 4Writing Without Restrictions
Requirement:You write it – we’ll read it. Details are at end of General Rules
Professional Judge:Michael Jecks, prolific author, and especially medieval mysteries.
Prizes:1st £200   2nd £100   3rd £50
Entry Fee:£5
Local PrizeWestern Gazette Best Local Writer Award
Requirement:for a short-listed entry by author living in Western Gazettedistribution area.
Professional Judge:The Yeovil Community Arts Association committee

The writing competition runs from 1st January and closes on 31st May each year.




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