Tiny House Design Competition

Tiny House Design Competition

 總獎金: 1000(USD)

最高獎金: 1000(USD)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-04-05

主辦單位: DesignClass



Tiny House Design Competition

Tiny House Design Competition

This is your challenge, design the tiny house of your dreams. GRAND PRIZE: $1,000

Submission Deadline

April 5, 2021 ( 11:59 PM PST )

Grand Prize:



Millions of people around the world are thinking about how they can radically change their lives for the better. Could living in a tiny house be one of those ways?

At DesignClass we are passionate about exploring how design can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Few things are as relevant to this mission as exploring how the concept of home can adapt, grow, or maybe shrink to match the needs of the modern person and family.

We don’t believe design has to be fancy or grand but it does have to be intentional. A tiny house is about as intentional as you can get.

This is your challenge, design the tiny house of your dreams. A place you could call home; whatever circumstances you are in or location you find yourself. Explore what the tiny house of your future could be.

Use this competition as an opportunity to expand your creative energy and seek out new worlds and possibilities. Here are some questions to help spark some ideas.

  • How would my tiny house respond to my city, town, or culture?
  • How would it respond to how I live or work?
  • How would a tiny house adapt or help fulfill my aspirations?
  • How would my tiny house utilize or ignore modern technology?

Need more inspiration? Checkout out Pinterest board. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Design Guidelines

Tiny houses are typically 400 square feet ( 37.16 m2 ) or less. It may be on wheels or permanent foundation. It may have one or more stories. Please keep your designs within these guidelines.

Have questions about how to participate?

We created a FAQ at the bottom of this page and this helpful video.

Submission Guidelines

  • 3-5 Images, showing your tiny house design.
  • Written Description, fewer than 500 words, in English. Tell us about your design and its reasoning.


  • No LOGOs in the image.
  • Image must be square or 16×9 ratio. Templates provided upon registration.
  • Keep text in the images to a minimum. No text is better.
  • Image must be in jpg format
  • Image must be under 3mb each.

Tip: We will provide templates after you register.

  • 3-5 ImagesShow off your tiny house design, its unique features, and what makes it special.
  • Written DescriptionDescribe your design in fewer than 500 words, in English.


Grand Prize: $1,000

All approved submissions will be judged by a panel of anonymous designers. This panel will determine the Grand Prize Winner.

Designer’s Choice Award

All approved submissions will be opened to public voting. This public voting will be live on our blog, goDiscoverDesign.com until April 26, 2021. The submission with the most verified votes will be deemed the Designer’s Choice Award winner.


  • Submission deadline: April 5, 2021 ( 11:59 PM PST )
  • Voting Opens: April 7, 2021
  • Voting Closes: April 26, 2021
  • Winners announced: April 28, 2021


  • All text must be in English
  • Must be an original work, created by the submitter
  • One design submission per registration
  • You may work as an individual or in a group or team
  • DesignClass reserves the right to suspend the competition and refund entry fees.
  • Participants retain all rights to their submissions.
  • Participants grant DesignClass license to publish submissions online and in print.
  • Open to anyone from anywhere

Open to Everyone

Join today to receive the full brief and resource packet

Want to learn more about tiny house design? Bundle up!

Join the Tiny House Design Competition and Design Your Dream Tiny House with Lou Pereyra together.

“This is a quirky, almost Wes Anderson inspired, class that gave me a jolt of inspiration and knowledge to pursue going tiny.”

Personal meets practical.

This DesignClass is led by the amazing and jovial Lou Pereyra of Tiny Mountain Houses. His lessons are practical, based on 20 years of experience, and essential for anyone going tiny.


  • When is the registration & submission deadline?The deadline for both is April 5, 2021 ( 11:59 PM PST )
  • When is the winner announced?April 28, 2021
  • Can I participate as a team?Yes, the competition is open to individuals and teams of all ages and locations.
  • What is the maximum size of a team?No limit on the number of team members. In our experience, large teams do not have an advantage over a driven individual.
  • What is the entry fee?$14.99 for students & student teams. $34.99 for professionals & professional teams.



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