Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2023 性別公正氣候解決方案獎


Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2023 性別公正氣候解決方案獎

The Women & Gender Constituency invites yearly to participate in the Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards!
In 2015, the WGC launched its first ‘Gender-Just Climate Solutions’ Awards. These awards aim to showcase real solutions for a more just, equal and healthy planet. Previous initiatives recognized have included women-owned and operated energy cooperatives in Germany, female entrepreneurial “energy shop” initiatives in Mozambique and human rights-based relocation planning in the Carteret Islands.

2015 年,WGC 推出了首個“性別公正氣候解決方案”獎。這些獎項旨在展示真正的解決方案,讓地球更加公正、平等和健康。先前獲得認可的舉措包括德國的女性擁有和經營的能源合作社、莫桑比克的女性創業“能源商店”舉措以及卡特雷特群島基於人權的搬遷規劃。

Non-technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of efficiency, consumption changes, resilience and capacity building etc)
Technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of renewables, energy or adaptation technologies etc.)
Transformational climate initiatives with a women or gender perspective (e.g. addressing governance, institutional / societal change etc.)
All types of activist, grassroots and women-led organizations and groups working on issues related to climate change from all over the world are encouraged to apply. Only non-governmental initiatives are eligible (local or national government initiatives cannot be considered). The activity/initiative should either already have been completed or should be in current operation. The initiative must fit within one of the 3 award types of projects.
鼓勵世界各地致力於氣候變化相關問題的所有類型的活動家、草根和婦女領導的組織和團體申請。只有非政府倡議才有資格(不能考慮地方或國家政府倡議)。活動/計劃應該已經完成或應該在當前運行中。該計劃必須符合 3 種獎勵類型的項目之一。

Applications Open: June 5, 2023
Applications Close: July 30th, 2023: Midnight CEST
申請開放: 2023 年 6 月 5 日
申請截止日期: 2023 年 7 月 30 日:CEST 午夜
Initiatives will be weighed against the following criteria aimed to measure contributions to gender equality, resilience and sustainability. Winning projects will ideally work across all of the key result areas, though the organizers note that not all projects will be in a position / stage to meet each and every criteria. Due to existing inequalities and a lack of available resources globally, priority will be given to women-led initiatives, recognizing that programmes do not necessarily need to be women-led to be gender just.
Result Area 1: Women’s rights and gender equality
Provides equal access to benefits for women, men and youth
Aims to alleviate and/or does not add additional burden to women’s workload (such as via additional natural resource management or care responsibilities without compensation)
Empowers women through better mobility/accessibility, enhanced livelihood security, enhanced food security, improved health, access to safe water, etc. (as many benefits as possible)
Promotes women’s democratic rights and participation by ensuring decision making by local women, men, women’s groups, cooperatives and communities
Result Area 2: Climate Resilience
Locally led and/or locally driven (decentralised and appropriate)
Ensures self-sufficiency & a low input of resources (safe, affordable and sustainable)
Contributes to climate change mitigation, emissions reduction and/or climate adaptation (the project is sustainable)
Result Area 3: Scaling-up and transfer
Results can be shared, spread & scaled up (replicable elsewhere, not just benefiting one individual)
Shows interlinkages to cross-cutting issues, such as (including, but not restricted to) peace-building, natural resources management, food security and/or health, water and sanitation

結果領域 1:婦女權利和性別平等
結果領域 2:氣候適應力
結果領域 3:擴大和轉移
Three top ‘Award Winners’ will be identified, one per project type. These three winners will each receive prize money of 5000 Euros; travel for one representative to attend the Awards Ceremony held during UNFCCC climate conferences (COPs); and mentorship activities from the members of the Women and Gender Constituency.
The ‘Award Winners’ are invited to a capacity building workshop during COPs with the previous award winners of the Gender Just Climate Solutions. The workshops are organized together with Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) and include training to up-scale solutions, share experience and expertise with each other, as well as to network.
Up to 30 additional ‘Runners-Up’ (Honorees) will be featured in a full color-publication which will be showcased in a high-level international awards ceremony at COPs, as well as be highlighted on the WGC website.
將確定三名頂級“獲獎者”,每個項目類型一名。這三位獲獎者每人將獲得5000歐元的獎金;一名代表參加 UNFCCC 氣候會議 (COP) 期間舉行的頒獎典禮的差旅費;婦女和性別選區成員的指導活動。

“獲獎者”應邀與之前的“性別公正氣候解決方案”獲獎者一起參加 COP 期間的能力建設研討會。這些研討會是與氣候技術中心和網絡 (CTCN) 一起組織的,包括擴大解決方案的培訓、相互分享經驗和專業知識以及建立網絡。

多達 30 位額外的“亞軍”(獲獎者)將出現在彩色出版物中,這些出版物將在 COP 的高級別國際頒獎典禮上展示,並在 WGC 網站上突出顯示。

主辦單位:The Women & Gender Constituency
聯絡人:The Women & Gender Constituency
比賽網站 : https://womengenderclimate.org/gender-just-climate-solutions-2/call-for-applications/