IGBC Green Design Competition 2023 IGBC 綠色設計大賽


IGBC Green Design Competition 2023 IGBC 綠色設計大賽

Even a small decision we take towards making sustainable choices—whether as an individual, a community or an institution—has the potential to lead us to a healthier future.
This year, the IGBC Green Design Competition calls for sustainable design solutions inspired by the focus on individual action as promoted by LiFE. Participants can choose to come up with ideas at any one of the three distinct scales of S, M, and L targeting positive change at different scales for the built environment. With each scale of the intervention, they'll have the opportunity to create solutions that push the users towards environmentally conscious and sensible lifestyles.
Promoting diverse approaches based on geographical, cultural and climatic contexts, these projects should encourage behavioural changes in the lifestyles of the population. When scaled up and implemented in real-world situations, these projects should lead us towards a sustainable future for all.

今年,IGBC 綠色設計大賽呼籲可持續設計解決方案,其靈感來自LiFE倡導的對個人行動的關注。參與者可以選擇在S、M 和 L 三個不同尺度中的任何一個提出想法,以針對建築環境在不同尺度上的積極變化。通過乾預的每個規模,他們將有機會創建解決方案,推動用戶走向具有環保意識和明智的生活方式。


For S interventions, choose a building, room, or area not greater in size than 25 sq. m.
For M interventions, choose a site with an area not greater than 1,000 sq. m.
For L interventions, choose a site up to 1-2 hectares in size.
The selected site can be located in Rural, Urban, or Suburban areas in any part of South Asia, given that the area requires a redesign to take a step towards circularity.
As per the context and location of the site, the users can vary. Each team is free to generate its own programme and design framework.
Clearly define what your spaces/product(s) stand for. Evolve a sustainable philosophy for your design.
Follow locally applicable building bye-laws or refer to the NBC in the absence of local bye-laws. Mention the conditions on your design sheets briefly.
對於 S 干預,選擇面積不超過 25 平方米的建築物、房間或區域。

對於 M 干預,選擇面積不大於 1,000 平方米的場地。

對於 L 干預,選擇一個面積達 1-2 公頃的場地。




遵循當地適用的建築細則,或在沒有當地細則的情況下諮詢 NBC。簡要提及設計單上的條件。

All current Undergraduate students enrolled in Architecture and Design Courses.
All Postgraduate students enrolled in Architecture, Planning and Design Courses
All recently graduated students (graduated in 2021 and later)
Maximum of two members per team.
Facilitation by and involvement of faculty members is desired. It would be extremely useful to the students if this could be incorporated into the curriculum of the students in a manner found suitable by the faculty.



Registrations open: 21st April 2023
Registration deadline: 7th August 2023
Submission deadline: 15th August 2023
註冊開放:2023 年 4 月 21 日
報名截止日期:2023 年 8 月 7 日
提交截止日期:2023 年 8 月 15 日
A maximum of 6 A3 sheets including the cover sheet shall be uploaded only as soft copy under your registration
The scale of the drawings may be chosen by you depending on the site and area of the intervention. Make sure it is a readable scale.
A brief statement on the philosophy of your design intervention (include in the design sheets)
Plans, Sections, Elevations, Sketches, and any written information that the team considers important.
Do not write your names on any of the sheets. Name your entry file as your name/college name. Any entries that have their name/ college name on the sheets are subject to disqualification.
Please restrict yourself to a maximum word limit of 300 words per sheet. More graphical presentations will be appreciated.
Follow the 10 commandments of competition design. Linked here
Acknowledge references used for case studies and also any design ideas that have been adopted or adapted. Any plagiarised content with no cited reference will be subject to disqualification.
We would also require you to furnish a letter stating that the design is your property
All the sheets or images will be viewed on a digital device. e.g., Laptop screen or projector. Uploaded sheets or images will not be physically printed for evaluation. The submission hence should be prepared for digital viewing only.
最多 6 張 A3 紙,包括封面,在您的註冊下只能作為軟拷貝上傳
您可以根據干預的地點和區域選擇圖紙的比例。 確保它是可讀的刻度。


不要在任何一張紙上寫下您的名字。 將您的條目文件命名為您的姓名/學院名稱。 任何在表格上有姓名/大學名稱的參賽作品都將被取消參賽資格。

請限制自己每張紙的最大字數限制為 300 字。 更多圖形演示將不勝感激。

遵循競賽設計的 10 條戒律。 鏈接在這裡
確認用於案例研究的參考資料以及已採用或改編的任何設計理念。 任何沒有引用參考的抄襲內容將被取消資格。

所有的表格或圖像都將在數字設備上查看。 例如,筆記本電腦屏幕或投影儀。 上傳的表格或圖像將不會進行物理打印以供評估。 因此,提交的內容應僅供數字查看。

Site and Problem Selection: Understanding of the context, people, surroundings and climatic conditions; the challenge adopted for solution.
Response to the Theme: Concept and the design intent
Sustainability principles adopted: Self-sufficiency and resilience of the proposed built and unbuilt environment
Program: Understanding the users and spaces, defining the requirements
Inclusive and equitable design solutions
Originality and uniqueness of Design
Feasibility and Scalability of the designs
選址和問題選擇:了解背景、人、環境和氣候條件; 為解決而採用的挑戰。

S interventions
First Prize: ₹ 50,000/- in cash and a certificate
Second Prize: ₹ 25,000/- in cash and a certificate
M interventions
First Prize: ₹ 50,000/- in cash and a certificate
Second Prize: ₹ 25,000/- in cash and a certificate
L interventions
First Prize: ₹ 50,000/- in cash and a certificate
Second Prize: ₹ 25,000/- in cash and a certificate
一等獎:50,000 盧比現金和證書
二等獎:25,000 盧比現金和證書
M 干預
一等獎:50,000 盧比現金和證書
二等獎:25,000 盧比現金和證書
l 干預
一等獎:50,000 盧比現金和證書
二等獎:25,000 盧比現金和證書
主辦單位: Ethos
聯絡人: Ethos
比賽網站 : https://ethosempowers.com/ideace/events/IGBC2023