An architect should strike a perfect balance between creative expression and functionality; architecture is taking the intended project use, such as the lifestyle and preferences of the occupants, then shaping these, translating and executing until a final form is achieved, based on the times, beliefs, and education. Architectural design is one of our species’ oldest creative sciences, whose roots are lost deep in prehistory — and today’s architects continue to build upon thousands of years of innovation and creativity.
However, the importance of architecture can hardly be defined in just one paragraph — its effect on our lives is a causal sequence, like falling dominoes, cascading through every aspect of our lives.
Through BLT Built Design Awards – Architecture, we recognize the undeniable impact architecture has in our daily lives. With 22 categories, from Small Architecture to Landscape Design, or Skyscraper to Sustainable & Energy Saving Building, the award gives credit to the important contributions of passionate architects, inviting entries from around the globe.


通過 BLT Built Design Awards – Architecture ,我們認識到建築對我們日常生活的不可否認的影響。該獎項共有 22 個類別, 從小型建築到景觀設計,或從摩天大樓到可持續節能建築,旨在表彰充滿熱情的建築師的重要貢獻,並邀請來自全球各地的參賽作品。

Commercial Architecture商業建築
Cultural Architecture文化建築
Educational Buildings教育建築
Religious & Spiritual Buildings宗教與精神建築
Healthcare / Wellness Facilities醫療保健/健康設施
Heritage Architecture文物建築
Hospitality Architecture酒店建築
Residential Architecture住宅建築
Social Housing公益住房
Emergency and Temporary housing緊急和臨時住房
Speculative and Visionary投機和有遠見的
Industrial Buildings工業大廈
Bridges / Public infrastructures橋樑/公共基礎設施
Institutional Architecture制度架構
Mixed-Use Building混合用途建築
Recreational Architecture休閒建築
Restoration & Renovation修復與翻新
Small Architecture小型建築
Urban planning: large integrated projects城市規劃:大型綜合項目
Landscape Architecture風景園林
Sustainable & Energy Saving Building可持續節能建築
Others Architectural Projects其他建築項目
The BLT Built Design Awards are open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.
BLT Built Design Awards 向居住在世界任何地方的 18 歲以上的任何人開放。專業參賽作品將與其他專業人士進行評判,學生參賽作品將與其他學生進行評判。

Open December 2022
10% Early Bird discount until April, 30th, 2023
5% Extended Early Bird discount until the May 31st, 2023
Regular Deadline: June, 30th, 2023
Final Deadline: August 19th (10% late fee applies) till September 2nd, 2023
2022 年 12 月開放
2023年 4 月 30日之前可享受 10% 的早鳥優惠
5% 的早鳥優惠延長至2023 年5 月 31日
常規截止日期:2023 年6 月 30日
最終截止日期:8 月 19日(收取 10% 滯納金)至 2023 年 9 月2日
Provide a brief description of the Architecture or implementation
Provide a Designer/ Student and/or Company Profile / University
Give names of those who should be credited for the Architecture or Interior Design (i.e. company, designer, construction company, managing group, developer, mentor, professor, etc.)
Up to 10 images of your project in Architecture, including an optional company logo
Include floor and small-scale site plans showing the project in its context.
If the entry is about an alteration or restoration, please include both before and after images.
Architecture Specification PDF (Mainly for projects that are not yet in Business, provide specification, site details…etc) – recommended
最多 10 張建築項目圖片,包括可選的公司徽標


Architecture Specification PDF(主要針對尚未進入商業階段的項目,提供規範、站點詳細信息等)——推薦
The evaluation process for entries to the BLT Built Design Awards is based on various judging criteria. These are constantly adapted and updated, in response to new technical, social, economic, and ecological requirements. The criteria are not comprehensive and not all criteria are applied to each project, they simply provide an orientation framework and basis for judging — which is complemented by each individual juror’s expertise and socio-cultural background.
Each member of the jury is passionately committed to providing a fair evaluation. Jury members are assigned categories based on their specific background and expertise. All projects are viewed and judged randomly and anonymously, in order to ensure unbiased and fair judging.
The judging criteria include the following:
Aesthetics — form, shape, color, texture, finishing, the material used, etc
Innovation — does the design provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing structure?
Practicality / Functionality – ease of cleaning, safety, maintenance…
Ergonomics — How is the interaction with the client? Space optimization?
Durability — the quality and longevity of the design and Architecture
Impact — the benefit delivered to the client and/or society by the Design
Integration — about the integration of the project to its local environment
Ecological compatibility — potential environmental and/or ecological impact
Emotional quotient — in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does the building create a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction?
BLT Built Design Awards 參賽作品的評估過程基於各種評審標準。這些不斷調整和更新,以響應新的技術、社會、經濟和生態要求。這些標準並不全面,並非所有標準都適用於每個項目,它們只是提供了一個定位框架和判斷基礎——由每個陪審員的專業知識和社會文化背景作為補充。



美學 ——形式、形狀、顏色、質地、整理、使用的材料等
創新 ——設計是否為市場提供了新的東西或補充/改進了現有結構?

實用性 / 功能性 ——易於清潔、安全、維護……
人體工程學 ——與客戶的互動如何?空間優化?

耐用 性——設計和架構的質量和壽命
影響—— 設計為客戶和/或社會帶來的利益
整合—— 關於項目與當地環境的整合
生態相容性 ——潛在的環境和/或生態影響
情商 ——除了實現其實際目的之外,建築是否創造了一種享受感、滿足感?

The Architectural Design of the Year and Emerging Architect of the Year winning projects will be showcased to a global audience, be featured in the BLT book, and be given the opportunity to share more of their vision and project in winner’s interviews. They will also receive the BLT Built Design Awards trophy, enjoying continued and extensive publicity throughout the year, in addition to:
Inclusion in the winning media campaign, targeting industry professionals and potential clients worldwide
Feature in the BLT Awards newsletter sent to over 100,000 design professionals, and leading architectural and interior design firms
All-year-round profile in the BLT online architecture directory, making it easier for clients to find and contact your company
Winner Certificates (Digital)
Winner’s seal to promote your win online — add it to your professional signature and throughout your printed material
年度 建築設計獎 和年度 新興建築師獎 獲獎項目將向全球觀眾展示,在 BLT 書籍中展示,並有機會在獲獎者訪談中分享更多他們的願景和項目。他們還將獲得 BLT Built Design Awards 獎杯,享受全年持續和廣泛的宣傳,此外還有:

BLT 獎通訊中的特寫發送給超過 100,000 名設計專業人士以及領先的建築和室內設計公司
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