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SE Center for Photography:The Contemporary Landscape SE攝影中心:當代風景

The landscape, whether grand or personal, has been a subject of photography since the beginning and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium. Early on, both in history and most photographers experience, the landscape was one of most accessible and familiar subjects available.
The SE Center is looking for images of the landscape, whether grand vistas or more personal, intimate treatments. We're looking for photographers who can make a statement with their landscapes, pull us in and make us want to explore. Black-and-white or color, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome.
風景,無論是宏偉的還是個人的,從一開始就是攝影的主題,並在攝影作為一種美術媒介的過程中發揮了重要作用。 早期,無論是在歷史上還是在大多數攝影師的經驗中,風景都是最容易理解和熟悉的主題之一。

SE 中心正在尋找景觀的圖像,無論是宏偉的遠景還是更個性化、親密的處理。 我們正在尋找能夠用他們的風景來表達自己、吸引我們並讓我們想要探索的攝影師。 黑白或彩色、模擬、數字或古董工藝,歡迎各種技能水平和地點的攝影師。

All photographers may enter where legal to do so. Please do not submit images previously selected by the SE Center for exhibition within 2 years.

Submissions Open 7/3/23
Submissions Close 9/4/23
Selections Announced 9/20/23
Drop Off or Arrival at SEC 10/26/23
Exhibition Opens 11/3/23
Exhibition Closes 11/25/23
Return of Works 12/20/23
提交開放 7/3/23
提交截止日期 9/4/23
評選結果公佈於 2023 年 9 月 20 日
於 SEC 下車或抵達 23 年 10 月 26 日
展覽於 23 年 11 月 3 日開幕
展覽於 23 年 11 月 25 日結束
作品歸還 12/20/23
You can enter your images online at www.SmarterEntry.com. For best results, make sure your image is 1200 pixels @72 dpi on the longest side. Images should be in JPEG format, sRGB color space. Please name your files: Land.Last Name.First Initial.Image#.jpg (Examples: Land.Smith.J.Image1.jpg, Land.Jones.R.Image3.jpg). If you need help entering your images or are unable to, please contact info@sec4p.com or call 864.605.7400.
您可以在www.SmarterEntry.com上在線輸入您的圖像。為獲得最佳效果,請確保圖像最長邊為 1200 像素 @72 dpi。圖像應採用 JPEG 格式、sRGB 色彩空間。請命名您的文件:Land.Last Name.First Initial.Image#.jpg(示例:Land.Smith.J.Image1.jpg、Land.Jones.R.Image3.jpg)。如果您需要幫助輸入圖像或無法輸入圖像,請聯繫info@sec4p.com或致電864.605.7400。

Our juror for the Contemporary Landscape is Stephen Johnson. Stephen Johnson concentrates on landscape projects exploring wild, endangered spaces and human-altered lands, making images that depict a respect for life and the land with a real-world celebration of our relationship to nature.
He has long been admired for his high photographic craft and for his dedication to making fine prints, excelling at sharing his knowledge and passion for our medium with countless individuals.
Johnson has worked closely with Adobe and many other industry leaders on expanding and refining the tools we use as photographers. He was named to the "Photoshop Hall of Fame" in 2003, made an ‘Explorer of Light’ by Canon in 2006, and lectures at leading industry seminars and universities as well as mentoring a select group of aspiring artists.
我們的當代景觀評委是斯蒂芬 約翰遜。 斯蒂芬 約翰遜專注於探索野生、瀕臨滅絕的空間和人類改變的土地的景觀項目,製作描繪對生命和土地的尊重的圖像,並在現實世界中慶祝我們與自然的關係。


Johnson 與 Adobe 和許多其他行業領導者密切合作,擴展和完善我們作為攝影師使用的工具。他於 2003 年入選“ Photoshop 名人堂”,於 2006 年被佳能授予“光之探索者”稱號,並在領先的行業研討會和大學發表演講,並指導了一批有抱負的藝術家。

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date. In addition, selected images are featured in the SE Center social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter) and an archived, online slide show. A video walkthrough of each exhibition is also featured and archived. Openings are timed to coincide with Greenville’s, First Fridays, a celebration of art, food and music. Juror selects the final number of images to be included in the exhibition. In the rare occurrence an insufficient number of images are selected, the Director of the SE Center reserves the right to include additional images from those submitted.
Selected images must be matted and framed up to 20×24” to professional standards, white mat with simple black metal or wood frame unless prior approval has been obtained. The Center reserves the right to reject any piece not framed to our standards. To avoid shipping costs & headaches, the SE Center for Photography will print your photographs for you upon acceptance. For $15 per image, we'll print on archival paper and after the show either return the print to you ($15 additional for shipping) or you may choose to donate the image to the Center's flat file for future access to collectors.
The SE Center for Photography will mat & frame your images at no charge, using our selection of 11×14, 16×20 and 20×24 black, metal frames with white, archival mats and conservation clear glass for the exhibitions assuming it will fit one of our standard mats.
35-40 選定的圖像將在 SE 中心的主畫廊空間懸掛大約一個月,並有機會受邀參加稍後的個展。 此外,選定的圖像會出現在 SE 中心社交媒體帳戶(FB、IG、Twitter)和存檔的在線幻燈片中。 每個展覽的視頻演練也被收錄並存檔。 開幕時間與格林維爾的第一個星期五一致,這是一場藝術、美食和音樂的慶祝活動。 評審員選擇展覽中包含的最終圖像數量。 在極少數情況下,選擇的圖像數量不足,SE 中心主任保留從提交的圖像中添加額外圖像的權利。

所選圖像必須按照專業標准進行鋪墊和裝框,尺寸最大為 20×24 英寸,白色墊子搭配簡單的黑色金屬或木框,除非事先獲得批准。 該中心保留拒絕任何不符合我們標準的作品的權利。 為了避免運輸費用和麻煩,SE 攝影中心將在接受後為您打印照片。 每張圖像 15 美元,我們將打印在檔案紙上,展覽結束後,您可以將打印件退還給您(額外支付 15 美元的運費),或者您可以選擇將圖像捐贈到中心的平面文件中,以供收藏家將來使用。

SE 攝影中心將使用我們精選的 11×14、16×20 和 20×24 黑色金屬框架、白色檔案墊和保護透明玻璃,免費為您的圖像鋪墊和裝框,前提是它適合我們的標準墊之一。

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