2023 慶辰法律事務所 法律英文寫作聯合競賽 徵稿活動


2023 慶辰法律事務所 法律英文寫作聯合競賽 徵稿活動

A substantial portion of any legal professional's work involves drafting legal documents, and the quality of such documents typically serves as the primary benchmark for evaluating his or her competence. However, in Taiwan, legal professionals have often not received sufficient training in legal writing, putting them at a disadvantage in the global legal landscape. To address this issue, our firm initiated the "Legal Writing Competition" several years ago, and this year invited multiple universities to join and participate. Our objective is to introduce the culture and training of legal writing, akin to that found in American law schools, to Taiwan. Through this initiative, we aim to significantly enhance the writing skills of legal professionals in Taiwan.
法律人工作的產出很大一部分是法律文書,所以法律文書的品質良窳就成為評判一位法律人能力的最主要標準。然而國內律師及司法人員長期以來卻非常欠缺專業法律寫作能力的訓練,致使台灣的法律人在當今國際化的環境下,與國外律師 相較其競爭力顯然不足。 有鑑於此,本所首創「法律寫作競賽」舉辦多年,並採用聯校競賽方式進行,期望透過此次活動,將美國法學院行之多年 的法律寫作訓練與文化在台灣扎根,以期對台灣法律人的寫作能力提升能貢獻綿力。

Essay Topic 競賽論文題目
Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) presents extraordinary opportunities for advancing human civilization, but it also brings forth unprecedented challenges. From a legal standpoint, an issue that has sparked heated discussions in recent years concerns whether creations generated by AI, such as images or articles, can be considered and treated as subjects of rights. While some advocate for AI to be afforded legal rights, while others oppose the idea. Please express your position on this issue and provide arguments to support your opinion. Using exclusively the 【English language】.
Note: Essay Format撰寫格式
Please follow the American essay format, including a clear thesis statement, supporting reasons, and a concluding statement that supports your position. No need for footnotes or citations.
Your essay should be written in English and word limit not exceed 2500 words.
採用美國Essay模式。要有明確的主題句(Thesis Statement)、理由(Reasons)及支持作者所採立場的結論(Conclusion)。

不需附註或標示引用文獻。語文限制英文書寫 字數限制 2500字。

Please refer to the attached exhibits for evaluation criteria and preparation guidelines. 評分標準及準備方式,請參考附註。

Third and fourth-year undergraduate law students 法律系三、四年級學生
Postgraduate law students 法律研究所研究生
Students from the Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 科際整合法律研究所研究生
For individual participation only; group participation is not allowed. 限個人名義參賽,不開放團體報名
Submission Date投稿日期: 2023/10/6
Deadline截稿日期: 2023/12/31
Review Date評審日期: 2024/01/01~2024/1/31
Winners List Announcement公布得獎名單: 2024/2/19
Please note that updates and announcements related to this event will be posted on our official website. 請注意各校系所官網之活動公告
請掃描QR OCDE或是點進以下連結:

我們提倡的是美國律師界的法律寫作觀念與風格,而不是國內司法官訓練所教授的傳統公文書。 我們認為好的法律 文書至少須符合以下要求: 第一,具備形式邏輯性(formal logics)。傳統中國文學強調言之有物,但西方法律文書更重視的是其論理的邏輯性。需提 醒的是,邏輯並不等於概念或體系,邏輯強調的是一種推導的過程。 第二,文字具有表現力,也就是能用簡潔的文字精確地表達作者的意思,用語模糊或不知所云將予以扣分。 第三,整體文風的說服力,法律文書(不論是判決、律師訴狀、法律意見書、乃至論文),都是在試圖說服讀者接受其觀點。無法說服人的法律文書,等於是沒有效用。

First prize 首獎: NTD 30,000 or USD 900
Second Prize 二獎: NTD 20,000 or USD 600
Third Prize 三獎: NTD 10,000 or USD 300
Outstanding Work 1 佳作1 : NTD 5,000 or USD 150
Outstanding Work 2 佳作2 : NTD 5,000 or USD 150
Participants will retain the copyright of the papers they submit but agree to grant the organizers the right to publicly release press releases or conduct other promotional activities related to this event. Participants also authorize the organizers to quote and publish the submitted papers without charge; provided, however, that the organizers should clearly indicate the author's name to respect copyright.
參賽者保有所提交論文的著作權,但應同意授權主辦單位就本次活動對外發布新聞稿或進行其他宣傳活動, 並授權主辦單位無償引用並發表所提交之論文(主辦單位將明確標示作者名以示尊重著作權)。

ChingCheng Attorneys at Law
Established in 2012, ChingCheng Attorneys at Law is a full-service law firm offering specialized services including patent prosecution and intellectual property consulting services in addition to more traditional legal services. We notably provide mainland and foreign investors with one-stop legal services in connection with their investments in Taiwan. Furthermore, our legal experts have incorporated American-style case management and analysis techniques into their practice to further increase our efficiency and competitiveness.
Our Philosophy: we believe that legal services should meet four essential criteria: efficiency, communication, commitment, and integration. Outstanding lawyers must provide the most valuable services to clients in the shortest time, possess the expertise for global legal strategy thinking, and excel in crossdisciplinary and international communication. We take pride in upholding these four standards to deliver top-notch legal services to our clients.
Our Services: Corporate Law, Securities Law, Capital Markets, Domestic and Foreign Investments, Intellectual Property, Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Law, Complex Litigation.
本所創立於2012年,除提供傳統法律事務之外,並同時提供專利申請,智慧財產權顧問等 服務, 專精於陸資以及外資來台投資的一站式法律服務, 並引進美國訴訟行模式與案件 分析管理技巧, 在訴訟事務上更為專業。

理念: 好的法律服務應符合以下四項要求: 效率、溝通、投入與整合。優秀的律師要能 在最短的時間內提出對客戶最有價值的服務,並有足夠的專業做全球化之法律策略思考 及進行跨領域與跨國界的溝通。本所以能提供客戶符合以上四項標準之法律服務為當然 要求。

核心服務: 公司法/證劵交易法/資本市場/海內外投資/智慧財產權/兩岸經貿法律/複雜訴訟。

CIPIC Consulting Co., Ltd.
At CIPIC, our mission is to connect China and the world, as well as technology and the market. We draw on our expertise and many years of experience researching and analyzing patents to help our clients identify and take new technological development directions and understand and unlock the value of their patents.
Our Services: Patent Search, Patent Analysis, Patent Information, Intellectual Property Consulting, International Legal Consulting.
Our Areas of Expertise: we conduct intellectual property searches and analyzes in the fields of biomedicine, medical devices, semiconductor, and electronics.
於2012年創立,以高階智慧財產權資訊與顧問服務為客戶開啟專利訊息的寶庫,藉由 專業的智慧財產權研究分析能力成為 – 技術發展方線的發現者 – 專利價值的評估者 – 專利價值的實現者
核心服務: 專利檢索/專利分析/專利資訊/智慧財產權顧問/涉外法律顧問
研究分析領域: 生物醫藥、醫療器械、半導體及電子資訊等所涉及的智慧財產權
聯絡人:古曉芳 小姐
聯絡電話:02-2707-3985 #23
比賽網站 : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e9K0xCc3KsOUXzykNO4OjFcDe-k7bRoo?usp=sharing