2021 JIA Illustration Award

2021 JIA Illustration Award

 總獎金: 600000(JPY)

最高獎金: 400000(JPY)

報名時間: 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-06-30

主辦單位: Japan Illustrators Association


Call for entries from April 1 to June 30.

You can see the winners 2020.

If you can read Japanese, click here.

2021 JIA Illustration Award

Information about JIA Illustration Award

Information on each award.

The guidance of each prize

GRAND PRIX1 artistPrize money 400,000 yen
Crystal shield
Supplementary prize
The most superior work in this competition
Gold award1 artistPrize money 200,000 yen
Crystal shield
Supplementary prize
The second superior work in this competition
Silver award20 artistsCertificate of commendation
Supplementary prize
Excellent work in this competition
Bronze award30 artistsCertificate of commendation
Supplementary prize
Fine works in this competition

Application essential points of this competition

Please read carefully the application requirements below.

QualificationsAnyone, professional or amateur, can apply.
The genre of the worksYou can apply for works of any genre, including hand-painted works, digital works, and three-dimensional works.
Conditions of the works that can be appliedThey must be original works which have not been used for jobs.
The images you show on your web site are OK.
The limit to the number of entries is 8.
Hand drawing worksScan them or take photos and turn them into digital data.
Three-dimensional worksTake 3 photos of each work from 3 directions and make them one set.
Digital dataMake your works JPEG files, color mode should be RGB.
Data sizeThe width and the heights should be within 2,000 pixels.
The name of the filesFirst name_Last name_number.jpg ( ex. andy_warhol_1.jpg )
The entry feeYou have to pay the entry fee from April 1st to June 30th.
PayPalYou can pay the entry fee via PayPal.
In case you pay via PayPal, the entry fee is 4,200 yen for the first piece, 3,200 yen ( 2,200 yen for JIA member ) for the second third piece, and 2,200 yen from fourth piece include the remittance fee.

Numbernon memberJIA member
1 piece4,200 yen4,200 yen
2 pieces7,400 yen6,400 yen
3 pieces10,600 yen8,600 yen
4 pieces12,800 yen10,800 yen
5 pieces15,000 yen13,000 yen
6 pieces17,200 yen15,200 yen
7 pieces19,400 yen17,400 yen
8 pieces21,600 yen19,600yen

JIA member means a member of Japan Illustrators Association.

Matter of list in the entry formName / gender / email address / real address / phone number / the title of the works / used art supplies or application soft / how you pay the entry fee / etc.
How to send your worksAttach your works to the entry form.
If you can not send them via entry form, you can make entry by email.
Write “the matter of list in the entry form” into your email, and attach your works, and send them to the following email address. email address
The application periodWe accept the entry from April 2 to June 30.
ExaminationFirst : The beginning of July
Second : The end of July
The announcement of the award winning worksWe inform the prize winners via email directly.
Make sure you can receive the email from email address.
If you can not receive the email, we may assume it disqualification.
We do not email to the losers.
Then upload the award winning images to our website in August.
Prize money and certificateWe will send the crystal seald or certificate by the end of September.
And we pay the prize money via PayPal.
Supplementary awardIn case the winners enroll JIA during the specified period, the enrollment fee and annual membership fee will be exempted.
GRAND PRIX, Gold award,Silver award : Both of the enrollement fee and annual membership will be exempted.
( In case the winner is a JIA member already, the annual membership fee will be exempt from the next renewal. )
Bronze award : Only enrollement fee will be exempted.
An enrollment guide is on this page.
CopyrightThe copyright of the images for this competition belongs to each illustrators.
Japan Illustrators’ Association have right to use the copyright of the prize winner.
SponsorshipJapan Illustrators’ Association

Judge method details

A screening committee will be formed and will be conducted strictly.
Five judges will give points to writers selected from among those who have passed the first screening.


Each prize will be decided in descending order of the number of points earned by each artist.

2021 JIA Illustration Award

2021 JIA Illustration Award

Every art and illustration in this site must not be reprinted without permission by JIA.


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