Youth Water Film Prize

Youth Water Film Prize

 總獎金: 20000(USD)

最高獎金: 10000(USD)

報名時間: 2021-09-01 ~ 2022-04-30

主辦單位: Global Institute for Water Security



The Let’s Talk About Water (LTAW) Film Festival is a program that combines water science with the power of film to promote active discussion about water issues and solutions. The festival includes screenings of both award-winning and amateur films related to water issues, aiming to make water issues accessible and bridge the communication gap between scientists and the public.

A captivating graphic — data visualization, animation of model results, a compelling map, or even a personal story — can be the anchor for your film. You may want to build a story around a graphic explaining to the public why it is important and how it connects to concerns they have about climate change.

Many international meetings already include lightning talks with a length of 2 minutes or less. You have the elements to make a compelling film and need only hone the message.

Although not required, they encourage you to form a team with scientific expertise, communications skills, and story-telling abilities. We hope that scientists, artists, and activists can come together to create compelling films for this year’s Water Film Prize.


The Youth Prize is open to students between grades 5-12 (based on a North American grade system), or ages 10-18. Student’s ages and grades will need to be verified by the teacher submitting the Intent to Submit form. Students may enter either in teams or individually, at the discretion of the teacher. If entering in teams, the recommended team size is 4 students. All submissions must be made by a teacher on behalf of the student(s).

Films should be no longer than 2 minutes in length, and should center on a theme of water or water science. See below for further film submission guidelines.

The platform for submitting video entries will be made available closer to the submission deadline.

Deadline for final film submissions: April 30, 2022


  • GRAND PRIZE: USD 10,000
  • First Prize: USD 5,000
  • Second Prizes (4 total): USD 1,000 each
  • Viewer’s Choice: USD 1000

How to apply

Submit your film directly on their Virtual Theatre platform. If you do not already have an account, you will be asked to create one.

Creating an acounnt on the Virtual Theatre platform is free and easy. It also gives you complete access to the award-winning featured films in our LTAW Film Festival, as well as the submitted films in our competitions.

Youth Water Film Prize

Youth Water Film Prize

Youth Water Film Prize Submission Guidelines

The following are detailed guidelines for submissions to the Youth Prize category of the Water Film Prize:

  • The submitted film is about water issues and/or solutions.
  • The submitted film must be made (directed by) student(s) between ages 10 – 18.
  • The film must be submitted by a certified teacher on behalf of their student(s). An intent to submit form or email must be on file from that teacher for the film to be considered. The teacher must ensure that appropriate parental permissions for appearances and participation have been obtained.
  • Films in languages other than English must be subtitled in English; any linked material must also be able to be understood by an English speaker (e.g. website must be made available in English as well as native language).
  • Maximum of 2 minutes in length (not including credits).
  • The film must be produced after January 1, 2021.
  • The film cannot have already been entered into a previous Let’s Talk About WaterYouth Film Prize or What About WaterYouth Water Film Prize Competition.
  • One submission per student team is permitted.
  • All submissions should be in landscape aspect (e.g. 1920 x 1080) NOT portrait aspect.
  • Materials not created by the filmmakers (images, music etc.) are allowed but must have royalty free licenses (e.g. Creative Commons), or have documented permission from the creator. If information is obtained from another source (e.g. statistics or published materials), these sources must be appropriately documented or credited. All external resources must be referenced in the end credits of the production or within the body of the production where deemed appropriate.
  • Distinguishable LOGOs or other commercial identification should not be visible in the video/film.
  • Students’ submissions to the Youth Water Film Prize indicates acceptance and agreement of the use and distribution of their videos for the purposes of education and promotion by the Let’s Talk About Water Film Festival, the Global Institute for Water Security and the University of Saskatchewan.



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